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Cover of the Michael Browne Book Pinot Rocks with him sitting in a vat of grapes

Pinot Rocks

A Winding Journey Through Intense Elegance

Audiobook and Hardcover Available November 10th
Audiobook narrated by William Shatner

Intense, but elegant. Spirited, yet refined.

The complexities that describe Michael Browne’s wines describe his life experiences, too. With a tumultuous childhood and an adolescence filled with feelings of isolation, Michael joined the circus when he was sixteen. By eighteen, he was the featured performer and a fire-eater, unicyclist, and trapeze artist. But it was during his work in the restaurant industry years later when Michael realized the simple beauty—and potential—of family and friends enjoying the perfect bottle of wine together.

Michael founded his California winery, Kosta Browne, in 1997 with a few hundred dollars and the goal of helping people create meaningful moments with one another. In Pinot Rocks, Michael shares his journey and offers insight and inspiration for those who believe in the American Dream and choose to never give up in their pursuit of it. No matter the goals you set for yourself, this book will motivate you to follow your passions and turn your dreams into reality.